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My mom text this to me this morning and said that I should make this for Dolly! How cute!!!!!!!
This comes from a cool website called Practically Functional. Here's how to make this:

Supplies Needed:

old tire
spray paint (make sure it’s designed to stick to rubber)
stiff bristle brush
sticky felt feet
round pet bed
1. Start by cleaning your tire. Paint won’t stick to dirt and dust, so hose the tire down and give it a good scrub with some soapy water and a stiff bristle brush.
2. Rinse good and set the tire upright to dry out completely.
3. Using spray paint that is for rubber, spray about 2-3 coats of paint, allowing each coat to dry completely.
4. Attach felt sticky feet to protect the tire from sliding directly on the floor's surface.
All that's left to do is insert a round fluffy dog bed into the center. Let the dog fluff it their own way and watch them revel in ecstasy that they have a new den!
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Great idea!!!