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This was a low budget independent creation and was waaaay better than DragonBall Evolution which wasn't a low budget film. I am excited about what is to come *.*
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@littlemaryk I can't wait for more of them
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I don't want to sound repetitive but I defintiley concur. I wish they would pick up the pace but I will patiently wait for it with much anticipation @RoninGaijin
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😍THIS WAS FREAKEN EPIC!! And that's what I was saying watching this hahah I'm like "This is how the dragon ball live action movie should have been!" Hands down WAY WAY WAY WAY better than that pice of garbaged dragon ball evolution!
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Haha right?! and supposedly it will just get better because they are getting more funding from fans. I love it because it's for the fans, made by fans ^.^ @MoisEsGaray
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@littlemaryk that's insane hahah 😱 I gotta start watching it then!! And it's true tho that is awesome Fans are doing this and other fans are supporting! 😍 it's beautiful hahahah :) ^_^ If they make movie I believe they would nail it!
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