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Don't forget! National Boss' Day is October 16th. Trust me, you don't want to be the one who either didn't know about it or forgot. I found this super cute golden glitter #Boss desk project that I love!

Supplies Needed:

Ten chipboard “#boss” boards from Hobby Lobby (Or make it yourself with Cricut)
Brushable glue
Metallic gold spray paint
Tons of Gold glitter
Generously coat each #boss board with glue to sandwich them all together, gluing them on all sides and around.
Spray paint the #boss with gold spray paint and allow to dry.
Brush again with glue adhesive and sprinkle gold glitter all over it. USE TONS OF GLITTER!
I just think that this is so cute and adorable! Even if you don't set this up on your boss' desk with some flowers and a coffee giftcard, you can set this up on your own desk and show everyone who's really in charge!
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I like this idea. A lot. So don't take this the wrong way, please! I just wonder if bosses out there want glitter all over their desk and chair and paperwork and floor and hands and clothes. Trust me, I like glitter too. Just not sure the bosses will appreciate it. But it's really classy looking and would be great for my own desk! I'd substitute the gold for black paint and black glitter. I really hope that my comment doesn't seem negative. I apologize up front because I think this is great and I like your ideas @DaniaChicago !!!!!! You put me to shame because I am not good with drills and nails and glue and all the tools of do-it-yourself.
I know what you mean about glitter kinda getting everywhere. Anytime you give a gift that has glitter, you have to think ahead to know if the person you're giving it to will appreciate glitter. If they don't then, yeah, I wouldn't give it to them either. Thanks for your comment. I like your black glitter idea. that is cool