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It's quite a surprise seeing a meme of a place you know. It's shocking when you realize that's one of your younger sisters and brother in that meme when they were just kids themselves... like 20 something years ago! I remember that car, you can almost see the tree up on the hill behind that car.... that old clothesline. It's true. That meme, that's what makes it funny. Living on a rez, poor, especially in Pine Ridge, out in the country, 20 miles in either direction.... we made due with what we had. It was a real treat to get something new. The family got a kick out of this, for sure!!
@danidee My grandfather was raised on a reservation in Texas. So was my dad and his siblings. When my dad was in his teens, grandpa started working for the forestry service and took advantage of a program they had back then that enabled employees to buy land. He and his sons built a house and farm on part that property. The rest is wooded and they hunted parts of it. It's about 15-20 miles from the rez. When I was a kid, several of my aunts and uncles were married and living on the reservation. We would spend most of the summer with them. It was Very important to my family that the kids know their heritage. That's where I learned how to cast and carve silver and make most of the beads and jewelry that I make. Several of my cousins have married and now live on the reservation, too. My dad married a woman whose family was Irish. So I wound up with her skin tone (though I tan instantly - she burns) and his hair and eyes.
@ButterflyBlu @Matokokepa You both were raised on reservations?
Yep. This is too true, isn't it? Especially on the reservation. That must have surprised the hell out of you to see your own family on a meme!!
so true... ah the good old days