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I love it when cute DIY projects are easy to do, easy on the wallet and quick. With this project, from Damask Love, you get all three! In fact, this project is so awesome, as soon as you're finished with it, you will have the time and fortitude to plan the annual family trip to the apple orchard - pumpkin patch!

Supplies Needed:

clear acrylic pencil holder
black vinyl
two 1/4″ strips of red vinyl
White or cream vinyl cut to the height of the clear acrylic pencil holder
small heart punch
1. Wrap the pencil cup with the white vinyl.
2. Wrap the red strips around the top and bottom of the pencil cup.
3. Punch a small heart from the black vinyl.
4. Cut the heart in half with scissors and you’ll have a seed shape.
5. Adhere the seeds to the cup and you’re done!
Now that this is done you have time to plan the family outing to the apple orchard. We do that every October--all 12 of us! We make a day of it, which is a lot of fun. There's a pumpkin patch, hayrides, a corn maze, food galore, and hot apple cider...
If you're in the Chicago/Indiana area, you have to go!!!!