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Milan Fashion Week is in full swing, making the Spring Collections for 2016 over halfway through for their reveal to the public. Though it's too early to do comprehensive looks at trends that spanned all four weeks, it's never too early to speculate. One trend that made itself visible by the end of London Fashion Week was the use of primary colors. These designers relied on the classic combination of red, yellow, and blue, convincing the crowd to look to Mondrian for inspiration and throw away their pastels.

Lisa Perry

Lisa Perry kind of hit the nail right on the head with her mod nod to the 60's and their favoring of artists like Mondrian for fabric prints. These red, white, yellow, blue, and black shifts are pretty typical of a mod mini, but Perry acheived something unique when placing them in a collection of understated cool shifts and minidresses of every color and cut.

Christopher Kane

I mentioned Christopher Kane's artistic use of fringe, scrap, and embellishment, but I need to talk about the genius way he arranges non-primary colors into groupings to make them look like primary colored geometry right out of a mid-20th century abstract painting. Placing orange netting right next to blue and yellow makes the eye assume it's a complete primary color set, and when you notice the pinks and oranges snuck in, you can't help but be amazed at his handiwork.


Osman Yousefzada may have used red, blue, yellow and white for much of his regal collection, but there's nothing basic about these looks. Silk gowns are the last thing we'd expect to see bold primary colors making up, but it works here. Arranged in pseudo-tribal patterns and brushy strokes, the palette looks rich and intricate, despite it's simple reduction.

Jill Sander Navy

I couldn't talk about this trend without a nod to Jill Sander's crocheted minidress that makes us want to play tennis, high fashion style. Red, blue, yellow, black and white look like classic Americana, but paired with off-the shoulder sleeves and a neon pop of color on the shoes, it's a fresh and new look.