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3 Indications you may be perfect for your partner

Anticipating and caring about someone’s needs is really important, but you may need a little help figuring out what those needs are. Humans are complex creatures and although we may have one or two immediate needs, we actually have an endless possibility of complex needs that are tailored to our lifestyles, and they are ever-changing.
All of us have 3 sides or rather 3 egos. And those 3 parts have needs that must be fulfilled for us to feel happy or compatible with a partner.
According to Canadian psychologist Eric Berne, our egos stem from different experiences throughout our life, ones that we still carry with us. All of our egos need to feel welcome and understood for us to feel truly happy with someone.
These 3 egos are an evolutionary progression of our whole life. We want to carry values of what we have been taught and apply them to our natural state of what we feel, while knowing from experience what we have learned on our own to be true.
To further the understanding of our 3 egos and how we can find out if we are compatible with another’s Business Insider asked Peter Pearson, a couple’s therapist and cofounder of the Couples Institute of Menlo Park, California, to help us break it down.
“Do you and your partner have similar values and beliefs about the world?” -- This satisfies the parent ego.
“Do you have fun together? Can you be spontaneous? Do you think your partner's hot? Do you like to travel together?” -- This satisfies the child ego.
“Does each person think the other is bright? Are you good at solving problems together?” --This satisfies the adult ego.
It may be fun to think opposites attract, and sometimes they do, but mates in this position can often get tired of always filling those shoes. Finding someone who has similarities and will allow for flexibility is key.
While chemistry for both partners is what is needed to begin a relationship, effort is what is needed to continue it. Allowing mates to be separate from each other yet still maintain a relationship with one another is what is needed for long-term success.
It may seem simple that with a little bit of effort and the ingredients listed above we can make anything work, but we often forget humans are complex. People are not only a product of what they have been taught, felt and learned, they have also been hardwired with biological needs that can leave the future a big giant question mark.
After all of the studies, opinions, and biological reasons are accounted for the truest way to find out if you’re compatible is to openly and honestly communicate with one another.
It’s not enough to have fun together, you also have to be able to support and make the other person better @MissB82. I really enjoy this card, @apecave! It really shows relationships as something other than just subjective advice. It provides a framework within a psychology theory!
I've over compromised & over compensated for partners who just couldn't seem participate in life as adults. I've had a (seemingly rare) supportive & nonjudgmental upbringing so that's been a head start to being a capable adult. Also my parents still love & respect each still other after 40 years. But they're also just both such good, hardworking, honest & thoughtful people. Although total opposites in personality, their core values are matched. So I definitely think mismatched personalities can work. But I've really had to learn the hard way that there's filling roles/shoes within relationships (cause hey I understand some things come less naturally to others depending on who's been their role models) and then...there's repeatedly enabling & excusing someone's shitty attempts to pass as a human being, let alone an adult. Huuuuuge difference. I missed that memo. So I'd say if you sense or discover your values aren't matched, run like the wind & don't look back! Other than that, who knows what combinations could work magically :-)
This is such an incredible way to think about things.I usually try to satisfy the child ego over everything and that's why I get into trouble! lol @allischaaff what do you think? I think it's pretty dead on.
@nicolejb Exactly :-) And you're spot on with it not being helpful (in different ways) to either person. Yes! As team through life! So important. :-)
@MissB82 I totally get where you are coming from, I’ve been the sole emotional supporter of a person once in a relationship, and it was too much. That why I think this is a valuable approach to dealing with a future partner. If the person relies on you, you aren’t fulfilling the “adult ego” you aren’t growing as a person, and you aren’t helping that person by letting them rely on you so heavily. I think personalities that are very different can match up, just values and being able to work through life together :)
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