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but that text was a little creepy...
I feel like this girl has my exact sense of humor, which probably means that we're both terrible people, but hey, I'll take it.
I think when someone sends you a wall of text outta nowhere, this is really the only response.
This person is sadly in love with the idea of you that they have built up in their head, and not the real you. A person who is hopelessly in love with the idea of adoration and not the reality of love. I doubt it took an hour to write as the desire is probably to let out the frustrated expressions of the heart and imagination on what they may see as a muse or rather what they believe their ideal to be. I was like that, and in some way may still be, but I once had a wonderful person ask me to think about why I should be allowed to say such things without earning a true feeling through all the work of getting to really know someone through shared experience. Of course, be careful. I was just a moron and not a psycho. Ha! Be flattered you have the ability to cause even the misguided feelings of love and passion with your beauty be it your heart or body and move on. Poor lost soul that they are.
lol yeah that's a little weird. Like if she felt the same way it would be kind of sweet but if she doesn't... c'est la vie!
Awww it's kind of sad. What he said was so sweet and her response wasn't even that much.