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A new week brings about new opportunities and oh yeah, more beauty interviews.

This week I had the pleasure of sitting down with 27 year old Kalisha Carmichael from Newark, New Jersey. This gorgeous mother of three was vibrant, energetic and a ball of excitement. We chatted about everything from hair to makeup and Kalisha's new YouTube channel kcwashere [click here for link].
She originally started her channel in 2009 when the natural hair movement was on the brink of greatness -- 2009 also happens to be the year that she big chopped and grew herself an audience via her videos. In 2013 she deleted her youtube for awhile after giving birth in 2014 and now one year later, her channel is back on the come up. She mentions how the natural hair community can be a bit saturated nowadays because everyone is a natural hair guru, but she is up for the challenge
Q: How long have you been into makeup and hair?
A: Oh man. I started getting into hair like around 2008. I got into hair because I wanted to loc my hair first and there was this whole natural hair community with five gurus at the time. I had been into makeup since I was a little girl. My mom used to do makeup, she was in the whole beauty industry. So for a long time.
Q: Where or who do you get most of your inspiration from?
A: Let me think. Makeup inspiration, I guess you could say now a days Instagram, editorial magazines and fashion magazines. As far as hair, I think women in general who are being themselves authentically is inspiration.
Q: Favorite Youtuber?
A: Oh my God, that's crazy because my favorite youtuber isnt even a natural hair youtuber. Her name is LillySingh and her YouTube name is IISuperwomanII. She is my first favorite youtuber and my second favorite is EvelynFromTheInternets, she works for She is like a blogger, comedian and natural hair guru.
Q: If you could give one beauty tip to beginners, what would it be?
A: My number one beauty tip I would say is exfoliate. Exfoliate. Have a face wash routine down packed before you start getting into makeup. Exfoliate your skin and have a good face wash before anything else -- before you get your eyebrows on fleek. It can be difficult, but it is definitely something to invest your time in.
Q: Must have makeup/hair item for the fall?
A: Must have makeup product no matter what is eyebrow pencil or eyebrow gel. I wont go anywhere unless my eyebrows are done. If my eyebrows are done, im good. For my hair, something like a curly pudding or a curl enhancer because you could throw that in your hair real quick.
Q: A bold eye or an amazing pop of color lip?
A: Lip. All day. That's me.
Q: Lip liner or eye liner?
A: I dont know. I would say eyeliner.
Q: One word to describe your taste in makeup.
A: Im a drag queen on the inside. My makeup can get a bit draggish. Drag queen on a good day and on a normal day I still wear a bold lip, so I would say "drag honey".
Q: Favorite makeup item?
A: I would say my favorite would be my Ruby Woo lipstick.
Q: Favorite brand of makeup?
A: I dont want to say MAC because a hoodrat would say MAC, but MAC.
Q: Favorite hair product at the moment?
A: I do. My favorite hair product right now would be my Mane 'n Tail Deep Moisturizing Conditioner. It is what I cowash with and it is under six dollars. It gives you what you need without over powering. It is perfect.
Q: Have you always been natural?
A: No. I big chopped in 2009.
Q: What's one makeup faux pa that drives you crazy?
A: When women of color wear nude lipstick without a lip liner. I see it all the time and it drives me crazy.
Q: Hair tip you live by?
A: You have to seal the moisture in your hair. You have to use something oil based.
Q: Go to hairstyle/makeup look for the fall?
A: For me, for the fall and winter would be dark lips of course. Hairstyle right now for me is a wash and go, but as my hair grows of course braid outs and twist outs.

A huge thank you to Kalisha. It was definitely a pleasure.

You can keep up with Kalisha and her beauty endeavors via YouTube at kcwashere [link here]. Go ahead and show her some love.