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What do Prada and Emilio Pucci have in common, besides being iconic fashion giants of Italy? An ability to deliver quirky and clever boldness throughout classic collections that remain in our minds years after their showing? An affinity for carefully-utilized color and print to look smart and not gaudy? Both Massimo Giorgetti for Pucci and Fabio Zambernardi (filling in for Miuccia Prada this season following her Aunt's passing, but absolutely channeling the Miuccia aesthetic) turned out Spring 2016 collections that looked retro and also totally new and cool.

Smart Stripes

Both designers used sophisticated stripes in their collections with a very different effect from the bright and bold stripes of other collections. Despite Prada's funky and retro stripes, their use in smart suits that any woman would want to wear made them appear much more understated and cleverly placed. Similarly, Pucci stuck with simple black, white, and navy stripes in diagonals, crossing over the body to divide up a garment, with a classic effect.

Retro Ecclecticism

Both lines layered dresses over tops and used embellishments to help guide the funky and retro layering into something luxe. Sequins, beads, and paillettes all made appearances in the two collections, used sparingly to blend old-school quirky lines with the designer luxury feel we expect from Prada and Pucci.

What They Did Differently

Despite Pucci's reputation for using colorful prints on anything and everything, it was Prada that really used colorful stripey prints for the majority of the collection rather than Pucci. The combination of prada's thin and choppy stripes with layered embellishments ultimately produced something undeniably sophisticated and chic, especially when used in more mature silhouettes than Pucci's, with suits and shift dresses intricate but wearable.

What They Did Differently

Pucci had a nautical theme running that was met with mixed reviews, especially surrounding Giorgetti's recent role at the long-standing label. Netting met with sequined fish and sea creature embellishment, which had a playful and unique effect that you either love or hate. This feature was undeniably different from anything Prada would put down the runway, good or bad.
To be honest @marshalledgar I totally feel that about Pucci. I feel like they've strayed so far from the brand they first developed, and now their stuff is almost unrecognizable as Pucci. I am a strong Miuccia Prada fan, however, so I have to stand behind their stuff- I still think she manages to make everything look interesting and smart for a strong and powerful woman.
I've really lost my love for both brands. I feel as though they've gotten sloppy, mainstream and clunky. I don't see much innovation in either. There's a loose comic vibe that seems to be badly timed. I miss the refinement of Prada. I miss the nuanced quirk of Pucci. But if I had to choose a favorite of the two, this time, it goes to Prada. It's like Pucci forgot who they were, where they've come from and who the Pucci woman is altogether. Not feeling it. :( :( :(
they both are a bit ugly and out there