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This is a rant... Sorry... I was on the phone with one of my best friends, who graduated in May. She has been looking for a job, and completely just filled up my fear factor. Her and two other of our friends have not had any leads in our Degree field.
My worst fear is not finding a job after I graduate in December. With them filling me in on the leadless hunt, I'm terrified. What if I can't find a job here? I am so reluctant to move since my family's health is not that great, so what do I do? Do I need to continue into school and get my Master's degree to set myself up to fall again in two more years? I am so lost right now feeling like my hands are tied.
This state isn't the best for job outlook and we're screwed royally if we stay... Even if I send in my application to surrounding states, I don't know if they will hire me since I have no experience whatsoever in the field, and I don't live there. They'd also have to wait five months until I graduate. I have to find a plan. I have to have a plan. My OCD is kicking in and I'm about to panic... I need happy songs. Like really happy, puking rainbow songs..
don't worry just do what you believe in
And for a song I recommend big bang cafe. its not really a happy song but its one of my favorites
@wllmvns Yes, hopefully my baby steps will lead into greater steps. Thank you so much ♡
@AimeeH I kinda know the feeling of not knowing what to do about the future. U just have to take a breath and figure out ur options and take baby steps. I hate to see friends who are stressed out even if its for a reasonable cause. I hope everything works out for u. <3
I'll check those out @JohnEvans thank you.
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