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The older I get, the more I appreciate the movie Good Burger (which is pretty weird because most would be the other way around.)
What Keenan & Kel did during that era was in a league of their own.
I guess Jimmy Fallon feels the same way about "Good Burger," as he put together an EPIC flashback scene on the show last night.

Keenan and Kel linked up one more time to deliver a new "Good Burger" scene to the masses.

It’s actually a pretty great moment when Kenan and Kel meet face to face again and get a nice round of applause from the crowd.
Can you imagine these guys in the war room drawing up this scene? I would've loved to be a fly on the wall for this process!


Segments like that are why Fallon has the best Late Night show on television. While I like Colbert, I doubt he could be apart of a moment like that. Every night Fallon has you on the edge of your seat.
I mean, where else can you see a "Good Burger" flashback?
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YES! I love this sketch too! I’m glad that Nickelodeon is bring back some classics like this one!
2 years ago·Reply
@nicolejb omg me too! It makes me feel good to see all the shows I grew up on, coming back to surface!
2 years ago·Reply
How did I miss this? Classic!
2 years ago·Reply
THIS WAS SO EPIC. It's so nice to see Kel back on TV.
2 years ago·Reply
dude when Kenan walked in I nearly lost my shit, I swear.
2 years ago·Reply