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Makeup can be weird. Just think about it.

If you've never had a moment where you questioned why you were putting black gunk on your lashes or putting coats of what felt like paint on your skin, illustrator Megan Dong has questioned them for you -- thanks to her absolutely hilarious faux beauty mag called Pretty Time [that effortlessly mocks all things beauty].
I always thought that I was the only one who questioned certain things I do when it comes to getting myself prepared in the morning makeup wise, but these illustrations have made it perfectly clear that I am indeed not alone. If you don't chuckle at least once while scrolling through these funny, yet relatable images -- you need to go to see the Wizard to invest in a sense of humor.
I personally thought that the smokey the bear and smokey eye reference was iconic.
If you enjoyed these short hilarious illustrations, head on over to Megan Dong's online shop [see here] to purchase the complete collection of 28 illustrations.

What was your favorite sketch from the faux beauty mag?

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Deff the lash strengthening mascara! Ha ha! 😂😂
that one was super hilarious @BluBear07
I DIED AT THE SMOKEY EYES!! hahaha “Only you can prevent forest fires” is basically all I want my eyes to do ;)
The winged eyeliner one was so bizarre that I'm a little obsessed with it.
I legitmately llol'ed when I saw the smokey eyes one. omg.