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South Park continues to show the world they are in a league of their own.
Last night’s South Park episode focused on Donald Trump, who had become the President of Canada.

The results of this episode were unforgettable.

In the scene above, we have Trump making an absolute fool of himself over house music.
While the jokes came by the dozen, the show also delivered some serious satire. One of the strong scenes held a quote on the Trump issue:
“There were several candidates during the Canadian election. One of them was this rash asshole who just spoke his mind. He didn’t really offer any solutions, he just said outrageous things. We just thought he was funny. Nobody ever thought he’d be President. It was a joke! But we just let the joke go on for too long. He kept gaining momentum, and by the time we were ready to say, ‘Let’s get serious now, who should really be President?’ he was already being sworn into office. We weren’t paying attention! We weren’t paying attention! (*sobs*)”
That is how Donald Trump ended up as President of Canada. Let that be a warning.
An awkward one, but a warning nonetheless.
i watched that whole thing. what am i doinh with my life.
@myylifeisnow LMAO ME TOO. OUR LIVES. I can't help it. It's just so catchy, and he dances so well.