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Drake just keeps winning.

Fresh off the release of his joint album with Future, the Toronto native has opened up a restaurant in his hometown.

Called Fring’s Toronto, the restaurant is a collaboration between the rapper and the renowned Hong Kong-born, Ontario-based chef Susur Lee. Pretty cool right?
Celebrities including Serena Williams and Jaden Smith showed up at the opening.

In regards to the food, Drake will stop at no expense on this one, as he had the Kennedy family in attendance (which is known for their legendary french fry work.)

The price point for items have not been announced yet, but it's safe to say that it will the the "It" place to attend in Toronto to eat at all times of the day.
The rich, keep getting richer.
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Good move Drake! Diversify.your portfolios, use your money to make more money...Since you and Lil' Wayne are no longer a couple....i mean "rap buddys", you gotta look out for your future.... Wait are you with Future...NOW?....hmmmmm he does resemble lil Wayne, I see you like the tattooed small frame, tight pants, tuff rap guy types....and now we see with the restaurant that you like cooking for others...(somebody has to be the homemaker in the relationship...Enough Said....LMAO...