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They were all the craze in middle school.

At least they were when I was growing up. They've been used to tie up your hair, to showcase your affiliation and now they are becoming a major fall accessory. I definitely didn't see this one coming, but from the looks of things -- the bandana has made a stylish comeback.
If you don't already own one in every color [the usual white, black, navy and red], make it your duty to go out and purchase at least one. Trust me, they won't break the bank. If you're taken aback by this fall trend, keep scrolling to see how this piece of cloth turned fashion accessory will be gracing the streets in style this season.

Tie it around your neck. Table napkin style.

Tie it around your neck in a knot.

And again.

Wrap it around your neck like a choker.

Wrap it around your wrist like a cuff.

Tie it around your handbag.

Who needs jewelry when you have bandanas?

Ladies, are you going bananas over bandanas?