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Naruto Live Action Movie?
I get nervous anytime Hollywood tries to make a live action anime/manga movie. Naruto is such an amazing series (shippuden installment being even more so) that I would be offended with anything half assed. The idea itself is extremely exciting especially since the manga has come to an end finally so I'm thirsty for more though I'm good till the anime ends. I'm more apprehensive than anything else. I hope they can do a badass job if this actually happens for real. Anything less than exceptional won't be tolerated lol. I should keep my expectations low for now though. so here is the article below How do all the naruto fans feel about this mm?
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Ah I didn't think about that one actually...probably because it wasn't memorable (neither terrible nor amazing) which is a shame in itself. Avatar the last Airbender could have been truely amazing. Man I loved that series and the legend of Korra from what I have seen is just as good @AshelyJewell
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Right though, I mean with effects as they are today and knowing EVERYONE has seen this series they should have stuck to the original pronunciation. On top of the fact that how many movies have a series? They didn't have to cut so much of it out.
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Dude yes, the pronunciations drove me crazy! and yes I feel you but it is a lot of material. It would be hard to pick and chose what moments to fit into a 2 hour storyline.
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lol hence why I said series. ; p
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Ahhh I was confused because it was first a series and you said how many movies have a series haha My bad @AshelyJewell
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