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Whether you like the Cubs or not, you have to admit they are having a magical season.
One of the reasons Chicago has been able to turn the franchise around so fast is coach Joe Maddon. With the season winding down, its time for everyone to make a push for Maddon as the coach of the year in the National League.
With a 586 winning percentage, the Cubs are 7 games back of the MLB leading Cardinals.
Really impressive when you consider they are in the same division as the Pirates and Cards (which is by far the best division in baseball this year.) Maddon has done a great job getting the max out of young players while helping pull rising players like Jake Arrieta into stardom.
@mchlyang @jeff4122 what do you think? Should Maddon take home the award? The only person I see in his way this year is Terry Collins of the Mets.
maddon certainly should... and they're my favorite team... so yeah he should totally win
Also we can't forget about Mike Matheny. He has a very high chance of winning the award as well.
@David19Flo23 @jokes What's up guys! What is y'alls take on this one? I'm guessing you guys also think Maddon should win?
Yeah Maddon will def get it. He turned the Cubs around and he is just an amazing guy. I am also really psyched to see him manage the Cubs in the postseason. If I were to choose a manager to lead my team during the postseason, it would def be Maddon.
seems like a tossup between Collins and Maddon. I think Maddon will probably win it but Collins would be a great choice too