Recently I got a job and which it take almost all day, and its a great job, but I barely had time for myself. Before I got a job I spent all day on the phone discovering new K-pop bands, videos, shows, etc, etc... but I also spent some time on Vingle which it took some of my time as well, I'm not saying Vingle isn't great, I'm just saying that I need to get more time for myself, so I'm going to stop using Vingle...
...Of course I'm still going to listen to K-pop, and I really need to catch up on Korean dramas (I have not watched dramas in a month)... So I'm saying a goodbye to Vingle. Will I regret it??? hmmm... I don't know only time will tell! One thing I'm certain though, I will always love my Vingle family... even though my journey in Vingle was short... but I'm glad I got to experience it! I'll leave all these K-pop Goodbye songs (sort of) and I hope you guys don't hate me... you'll probably won't find my post or account in a week! I'll also leave a photo or two so you guys can remember me! hehe... I also need time to focus on my family and my health (which are the most important). Credits to Youtube.


will always be my ultimate Bias group...

P.O, I❤U!

@MinionPeach17 we'll miss you! be sure to tag me in a card when you're back so i know its you hahahahha
Come back to us every once in a while! Obviously take care of yourself first, but if you ever want to talk again WE'RE HERE!!!!
@MinionPeach17 MY FIRST CHINGU ON VINGLE~ !!!! ㅠㅠ♡♡♡ I will miss you dearly! I hope everything goes according to plan. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
@kpopandkimchi ok... I shall remember your username then... and all the great peeps I met here
this is my last week to post as many cards as possible hehe... I want to start over though!
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