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Being plus size doesn't make you exempt from being on trend.

Plus size women all over the world are putting curvy style on the map in a stylish way. Anything a size 2 can do, a size 20 can do too -- or better. You know the song. As we all know, size doesn't equate to beauty or how fashionable you can/cannot be. One thing any woman can never have enough of is denim. That's a written rule.
We all own denim jeans, but there are so many more amazing denim pieces you should have hanging in your closet. Plus size ladies, get in on the fashion forward scoop of these denim pieces [seen below] that you must have in your possession this fall.

Denim flare jeans are a must, especially this season.

A denim jumper is just as good as a pair of denim overalls.

Your closet is not complete without the infamous denim button down.

The denim jacket reigns supreme. It's not going any where.

A definite must have. No questions asked. Super chic.

A pair of denim joggers. Your not so typical jeans.

What's your favorite denim item you can't live without?