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While Moschino and Gucci might not be the most comparable designers aside from their Italian origins, certain parallels can be drawn between their Spring 2016 collections. For Moschino, larger-than-life Jeremy Scott delivered plenty of looks that exceeded our expectations for a crazy and animated collection, but he also toned things down a notch for some more ladylike looks in the collection. On the flip side, Alessandro Michele took Gucci to a louder place with for the spring collection, with neon brights and cartoonish illusion pieces.

Gucci's Outlines

Gucci used bold outlines (over the sheerest of fabrics!) to make dramatic illusion garments that almost tricked us into thinking ruffles, collars, and belts existed where they did not. The play of barely-there fabric with outlined nonexistant pieces was fun and unexpected of Michele.

...and Moschino's

Moschino didn't feature the same kind of optical illusions, but dramatic black outlining on blindingly bright neon jackets and dresses struck a similar chord with me as Gucci's outline work. The result is in-your-face, which creates a quirky look when paired with modest and prim and proper silhouettes.

Pretty Cheeky

Both Alessandro Michele and Jeremy Scott got pretty goofy and cheeky (in the most high-fashion way possible, of course), the latter as expected, but the former surprising us with the humor within Gucci's collection. Jeremy Scott frequently uses cartoon imagery and recognizable signage, and this collection was no exception, but Michele for Gucci used elements of cartoons, like silly prints and harsh outlines, to add some fun to the collection.

Moschino Madness

...then again, Moschino also featured crazier than ever looks that Gucci would never dare to put down the runway. And we love Jeremy Scott all the more for it.