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Every girl grows up dreaming of her wedding day.

While some daydream about who they will marry or what dress they will wear, others think about how amazing and emotional their dance with their father will be. The father/daughter dance is a portion of the wedding reception whether the father and bride dance to a particular song in front of everyone -- usually one of the most emotional moments of the day.
Kirsten Mundell probably grew up like most young girls staring into space dreaming about how her wedding day would be, but what she didn't know is that her father would not be there to dance with her on her special day. Roughly six years ago, Kirsten's father Kent was killed while on the job [he was a police officer]. This past weekend, Kirsten and her husband tied the knot and the portion of the wedding set up for the father/daughter dance was extremely emotional.
While Kirsten didn't have the opportunity to dance with her father, she had the opportunity to dance with many fathers. Kirsten's dad's fellow policeman showed up to the wedding reception to play the role of a father and make her day all the more special.
We're sitting there dancing and then all of a sudden someone taps me on the shoulder and says, 'Can I cut in?' and I was shocked. I didn't know how to react, how to respond," Mundell told KOMO. She also mentions, "He said, 'there's a whole line of us,' and right as he said that is when the next officer cut in and I just broke down."
But wait, that wasn't even the icing on the cake. In memory of her father, she not only wore a blue ribbon down the back of her dress, but she even reserved a seat in the front row for her father including a photo of him and his jacket.

Talk about an emotional day filled with memories and happiness.

There is no doubt in my mind that Kirsten's dad wasn't smiling down.
Am I crying .... Maybe
This is a great story...I've also seen a lot of stories where a cop passes away while on duty and his colleagues walk their kids to school the next day. Very touching.
That's beautiful. I am not surprised. Most departments are a family and take care of their own. <3
I read this card and found myself chopping onions...
that makes two of us @LizArnone
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