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idk who made or found this but thank you credit to the owner cayse you're amazing :)
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@glostick besides I'd have been arrested a long time ago with the thoughts going through my mind... I'm just saying what everyone is thinking... XD Right I still have no words...
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@AimeeH No offense to Kookie but I wanted to try that on Jin!!!! That is my ultimate bias right there!!!
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@glostick I feel you 100% Like Jin is the wrecker... I stayed away from him as long as I could. Then he was like *BAM You're welcome for my existence*
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@AimeeH My wrecker is not a BTS member, though they are all sexy as hell. He is in Up10tion!!!!!
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@glostick that is awesome!! They are so good!! I am not too familiar with them yet though.
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