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This is song is very sad and it melts my heart every time i watch it.
Rome, Siwoo, Ray, Kangjun, T.K, Maru
I love them all!! Not to mention they are in my age range.
From Oldest-Youngest
Rome Birthday: September 6, 1990
Siwoo Birthday: May 5, 1993
Ray Birthday: April 19, 1994
Kangjun Birthday: April 21, 1994
T.K Birthday: December 20, 1995
Maru Birthday: September 25, 1997
C-Clown! I miss them but Rome's Instagram updates keep me happy!
Okay ill watch it
Kangjun is really funny and silly, and too me Siwoo is really cute, I really suggest watching there YouTube show, I forgot what its called I think its Crown the Clown but its on their YouTube channel
Wow really I didn't know. I really can't choose between the guys for i haven't know about them long enough. I will tell you once I pick. :D
@KathyCrew My bis has to Christian ( Rome), do you know Amber from f(x)? He is friends wirh her and helped her make rhe video for beautiful that they relased on her birthday
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