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Homecoming week at school.
So our theme for homecoming was super Heroes.


It was marvel vs Dc heroes So I picked Harley Quinn because she's my hero for being hot This was the first time I did Harley so I felt pretty proud


Dress as a real world hero

I dressed up as my teacher because he is really cool and he is a person I go to to talk to about my problems He's a great teacher.

Day 3

I didn't take any photos but I wore my school girl outfit and my attack on Titan cape

Day 4

Villain day

Which was today. Lol I can still have the feel that the liquid latex is on my face but it isn't. But I chose the joker bc he's well known and I really wanted to do him.

Day 5

Isn't here yet but it's just school colors so I didn't add it in.
To sum up my homecoming week I'm happy. It was great. It's so sad bc it my last year of school. Whelp.
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