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As we've been learning from each other in the #1 Rule Challenge, Kpop has a way of breaking through our toughest times and making us happy again.

What is one song that, no matter what, will make you instantly happy?

For me, it's:

G.R.8.U - VIXX

Something about this song can cheer me up no matter what mood I'm in! Between this and Love Equation, VIXX are like my personal therapists.
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B1A4- O.K ^_^
I have three songs. They consist of Lollipop by BIGBANG ft. 2NE1, Merry Merry Christmas by EXO-K, and Love Blossom by K.Will :3
uniq falling in love and up10tion dangerous and bts let me know or for u♥
Jo Kwon - I'm Da One B.A.P - Stop It and Where Are You I had to do top 3 because I can't pick just one! That's torture!
Just right -got7 or love me right- exo!