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Everyone hates a mean drunk, knows a slutty drunk, and avoids the crying girl in the corner of the bar with puke all over her bare feet. But when you get to college you will BE all of those drunks and more at least once. Don't be embarrassed, College gets the best of everyone at some point.
So take this as a warning, a challenge, or just to ease the mind; because you will experience these 7 college drunks, and it will be hilarious.....very much after the fact.

The Overly Emotional Drunk

Alcohol is a depressant if you didn't know, so tears really shouldn't be that much of a shocker. Have a few to many shots of cheap vodka chased with diet coke and you will be "that girl or guy" hysterical over a reason you can't even remember anymore.
Top Secret: I once facetimed my boyfriend for 2 hours uncontrollably sobbing because Dr. Who didn't actually exist and I would never be able to adventure with him. Like what the fuck vodka.

The Angry Drunk

Honestly, this will be the worst one. It usually happens with whiskey for guys and Gin for pretty much anyone.... You will get pissed, pick a fight with some random, maybe throw a few punches, or just completely destroy your best friends for no reason. Your rampage will be epic but very short lived when you say sorry in the morning.
And if you are always an angry drunk do us fun drunks all a favor and stop drinking.

The Way To Honest Drunk

All of your secrets will come out, especially how you feel about the person you are talking too. Hopefully you don't need to do too much damage control.

Getting SUPERRRR Deep Drunk

We all know who I'm talking about. The person who is trying to talk about the existence of everything when your are just trying to jam to Fetty Wap. This is the most annoying thing ever.

The Slutty Drunk

This is the best drunk ever and usually happens after a break up. Throw caution to the wind and embrace this flirty, sexy, confident and super down to hook up version of you! Just make sure you're safe about it and don't ditch your friends.

The Desperate Drunk

You will text said ex 1000000 times that night and leave some pretty horrific voice mails. Honestly just throw out your phone before checking it the day after...for your own sanity.

The Black The Fuck Out Drunk

You will remember nothing. If you have amazing friends (which you should) you will end up with some pretty funny stories about yourself the next day. You will also end up vomiting aggressively. Try to avoid this as much as possible because no one wants to deal with a black out friend all the time.
Just trying to jam to Fetty Wap...lmao!! 馃槀馃槀
I am the super quiet drunk. When I've had too much alcohol, I just sit in a dark corner and go :||||
tbh I'm a super clingy drunk all I want is to cuddle or hug someone especially if I have enough moonshine lol
I am always tired and I just don't know how to fix that lol. I can usually stay up drinking if I am doing something like dancing. But if I am sitting and drinking, I want to crawl into bed. Ugh are we old? Or getting boring? idk ;__; @LizArnone
LOL I am all of these, it just really depends on my mood BEFORE I drink. But most often, I can count on being sleepy drunk.
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