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Hey all you Gamevings! (I'll find a good one I swear)
I almost forgot to put up a Quick Question challenge today! My bad, y'all. I've been hanging with some buddies. It's actually what prompted this QQ. Today's question is:

What is your favorite game to play with friends?

Personally, my favorite game to play with people is LEague of Legends.

It is by no means a fun game for friends, more like an exercise in total frustration and anger, an experience enjoyed only by people who outright hate themselves and their friends. So yeah, me and the boys.
if I had friends I would have to choose GTA5 haha its the best to just do shenanigans
gta 5, super smash bros and skate 3
I loved playing White Knight Chronicles on the PS3 with my friends. We had a guild and went on a lot of quests. I haven't played in a long time though.
@butterflyblu those are some dope picks. though you wouldn't want to fight me in smash. I'm just too dirty. It would probably end our friendship. @bleurayrayho that's a great pick! though also can be a frustrating one, when one of your friends keeps getting caught by the goddamn smoker and you need to continue bailing them out.
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