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Hi! This is a pretty late card tbh but oh well! I actually don't know what to put as an introduction so bear with me >_<
-I'm Melanie but you can call me Sun! -I'm from Dallas yo!
-I'm an Inspirit floating around my queens, F(x)
-My ultimate biases?! KIM MYUNGSOO & PARK SUNYOUNG
-Top 5 Boy Groups+Bias:(Lol do you guys even care?) 1) Infinite- ALL of them duh! 2) GOT7- Jackson/Youngjae (Can't choose! Both too adorable for my own good) 3) Winner- Seunghoon (My high-pitched dancing machine) 4) iKON- Jinhwan (Such a cute shortie) 5) Seventeen- Wonwoo (Sexy deep voiced boy) -Top 5 Girl Groups+Bias: 1) F(x)- Once again, ALL of them! 2) 2NE1- CL (Queen!) 3) Mamamoo- Wheein/Hwasa (Such dorky maknaes) 4) AOA- Mina (She has a deep collarbone bowl?? I'm referring to ASFU lol) 5) Girl's Day- Hyeri (Dork..)
-Besides sweet kpop, I LOVE Khiphop! Underground is my underworld lol! [Okasian and Jay Park are BAE] -Also really like EDM and Trap^^
I think thats it! Thanks for reading through if you did! I enjoy things like these hehe^^ HIT ME UP ON TUMBLR: lunayeollipop I don't bite^^ I'll be happy if you guys want to talk! Anyways thanks for reading! BYEE
I love Wonwoo! 😍
Welcome welcome!!! Im so obsessed with Hyeri omg YAS
Yay! We have another f(x) fan!