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As a women who has only received the right to vote, the right to have a voice in my country less than 100 years ago, the idea of rock the vote is amazing!! Young people, especially girls, need to realize that they have a voice in their government.
Kendall's video begins dressed up as a suffragette and then becomes 45 seconds of her putting on a gray t-shirt with a bit of make up. It was weird, and super disappointing.
Check it out below.
I think they should have had her remain dressed up as a suffragette and show exactly what they went though while they were demanding the right to vote. I wish they had Jenner stand on film as people spit on her, threw garbage on her, arrested her, and force fed her in prison.
Yeah it wouldn't have bee as pretty but it would have been a lot more powerful.

What do you think of this Rock The Vote Video?

as a person who really doesn't care about voting, I can recognize her as another person who really doesn't care about voting.
blerg. this is not good. she doesn’t even sound enthusiastic about voting at all. I really don’t understand the point of it...
@shannonl5 I had this awesome feminist history teacher in high school that requires us all to register and made it super easy by having us do it in class!! We were an all girl school lol
@LizArnone I definitely agree with you there. The message was not strong enough. Which is a real shame because a lot of the deadlines for registration are coming up!!
@shannonl5 wow I didn't even think about that!! I defiantly see your point but I do feel like this ad could and should have done way more!! Maybe showed some of the hardships and then ended it positive with her voting. It was seriously just so lackluster
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