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BTS Screenshot Game:
Okay! I was entertained by the EXO screenshot game weeks ago, so I searched through every nook and cranny for different groups. I finally found a few! Simple rules, just screenshot each of the pics and drop a comment on who you got!!
Crush Best friend Boyfriend First kiss Secret Admirer Husband Hater Love Hate Relationship Weirdo Brother
Here are my Results: Crush: RapMon (My Phone knows what's up) Best Friend: Jin Boyfriend: Jin (Again my phone is the real MVP) First kiss: J-Hope Secret Admirer: Jin Husband: Suga Hater: V Love Hate Relationship: J-Hope. Weirdo: V Brother: V @amandamuska @DeneisiaGardner @MichelleIbarra I thought of yall when I saw these
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