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well i was tagged in this by @kpopandkimchi so im gonna make a card
well i have alot of kpop songs that make me happy but there is a few that make me happy when I'm not feeling happy. so my first song is 1.bap-with you this song is my number one because when i feel like crying i play this song and i forget why i wanted to cry.
2.Big Bang- haruharu same as number 1 this song is so beautiful. its hard to be mad when your playing this song.
3.got7- just right thus song has a beautiful meaning to it.
4.Bangtan boys- for you this is one of the songs that helped me get threw a death in my family.
these are just the main 4 but i am grateful for all the kpop song. and all the kpoppers to fangirl with. you guys are like a family to me.
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mine is bts for u and got7 just right