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Fear is a great motivator. Our greatest leaders, artists and innovators have one thing in common: they face their fears. There are no great strides without fear involved. When have you ever done something worthwhile without being totally scared?

Every time I've been proud of myself, I've been equally terrified. When I went to college I didn't know which way was up. I was out on my own. And that transition ended up defining a lot of what I am today. A similar thing happened when I boarded a plane from Cleveland, Ohio to New York City, one way. There was a lot of terror involved. The fear, it crept in. I learned along the way that it's impossible to function with the grip of fear around you. I have made countless mistakes because of fear, and now that I'm feeling more secure, I'd like to share some of the ways I have conquered fear, and how you can too.

First, stop dwelling on what you don't have figured out.

I have found a lot of peace in acknowledging that I don't know anything. I'm sure you've see it in my other posts. I value the things I don't know, because that enables me to learn.

Try not to place blame on things you can't control.

I spent a lot of time worked up over decisions that weren't mine, or didn't involve me. Being kept in the dark can breed fear and negativity. How many times have you spun yourself out of control thinking about a job interview or audition? You have no control over the outcome except for your preparation. You can only control yourself and your actions. Above all, you control your thoughts.

Continue to explore positive thought patterns.

This is the hardest thing for me. I get bogged down by my thoughts. I've had to manually reprogram my mind, like a hard drive on a computer. When things don't go exactly as planned, I end up acting more spontaneous and go with the flow rather than judge and disconnect. That disconnect is driven by fear. And fear won't win as long as you re-direct your thoughts. This will take time. So go easy on yourself!

Own your accomplishments and let your work speak for itself.

Sometimes when we defend our work too much it looks like we're bragging or completely arrogant, when in reality we're just trying to reassure ourselves. I have been living by the phrase "be silently drawn" it's from a poem by Rumi. It pretty much sums up the silent work ethic and dedication required to overcome fear. I have been practicing a sense of security within my mind and that has been communicating through my work and overall disposition. Fear does not have to run your life, and the fear of failure is included.
Overall, by using these few pointers, I've picked up a renewed sense of self. There are dark days, and there is always going to be difficulty and struggle. But by actively trying to beat fear and create a sense of comfort in your own brain, you can let that radiate back out into the world.

We are all works in progress, but fear is about to be unemployed.

"Every time I've been proud of myself, I've been equally terrified.” that is so me! I wonder every day if I SHOULD be proud and then I push myself even more, ya know?
Of course! @nicolejb that is a part of figuring everything out! I'm slowly realizing that there is no "should" only what is done :)