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How I discovered BTS
Okay, so I discovered BTS by trying to look for another song. Yes. So here's the story: About a year and a half ago, I was introduced to kpop and I'm not sure how to be honest but at the time I just listened to it. So because I just listened to it, I would listen to Kpop playlists on YouTube and not really care about who sang the song. Anyways, I kinda stopped listening to kpop for a while and one day I remembered a song I really , really liked, which was Coffee Shop by B.A.P but I didn't know that. I couldn't remember what playlist it came from and I had no idea what the exact title was, so I searched 'coffee'. Big Bang was first on the list but there was a second result that vaguely resembled and sounded like B.AP's Coffee Shop. To make it short, I thought I was listening to B.a.p but really it was BTS which then made me become obsessed with them ❤
How did you discover BTS?
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I was watching Ricky Dilion on YouTube and he said he filmed them (well 2 of them) in his cover for really don't care and neither of them knew so I decided to search up Bts and I got hooked on them and to this day they are still my most favorite band and Kookie is still my ultimate bias
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I was with a kpop friend and she asked if I heard then and I answered no so she showed my Boys In Luv 😁
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my friend told me to listen to them and it was all over
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I watched BTS Bulletproof and I was like: "Yas This is my music" (^*_*)^
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I was watching kpop videos on YouTube, and I didn't really like BTS at first, because I didn't like the "tough guy" thing (this is why I didn't like B.A.P. at first either). But then I watched Boy in Luv and died from watching the beautiful V, then I died twice from watching Just One Day, because they were all so beautiful X0.
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