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Zealous ceramics for 27.99 I've heard their normal bearings are next level, I wonder what these ceramics are going to be like and for such a a cheap price. Also I ordered a new setup for dancing. I'll post pics of it when it gets in.
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I hate skating in the rain but yeah Im pretty sure zealous just took over the bearing market.
How many people just tried to double tap that photo to like thinking its IG hahahaha
watch out the ceramic can wear out the race of the bearing very easily
Sounds amazing I'll have to look into that.
You know, the whole "nanoceramic lubricating compound" that fixes asperities in the bearing while they roll due to the heat generated from the friction of normal operation completely sounds too good to be true. But then they say the same stuff is in their ceramic bearings and I know chemically you're not getting the same reaction between the lube and steel balls and the lube and ceramic balls. So what's going on
I believe it has to do with properties of the lubricant that makes it functional instead of the material it's coated on. It may be able to bind to either just the same