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We live in a world where we keep a lot of personal information online. The government can track (to some extent) our online activity, and we fight with other countries when hacking happens.
A lot has happened this week with China and the United States related to cybersecurity. And it all has to do with hacks. But what does this mean?
Last week we had a discussion about gun control, today I’d love to hear your thoughts on cybersecurity. Big thanks to @InPlainSight for the inspiration.

What’s happening

The U.S. has accused China of a lot of hacking attacks. I mean, a lot.
They may even have played a role in the North Korea Sony hack, but this could also be speculation. How does the U.S. know it’s china? Their evidence is: "hackers work business hours in China's time zone, take off the week of Chinese New Year and target intellectual property the Chinese are known to be deficient in."
China says stop blaming us!
China is angry of the accusations. Saying we should work together. The head of China's office of Cyberspace Administration related this issue to a Chinese legend. In the legend two men in a boat face a storm, only after they stop fighting and work together are they able to stabilize the boat. "In today's world, the boat of the Internet carries more than two men, it carries more than the United States and China," Lu said. "It carries several billion people."

Your personal stance on cybersecurity

For Edward Snowden, cyber security was an important issue, and so he made sure the American people knew exactly how they were tracked by their government. John Oliver explained just how bad that was in terms that we, well, can relate to.
But how many times a day to you actually think about this issue? Is it something we should be concerned about in the US? My personal opinion: yes. With hackers developing even technology to hack your car, it’s time we really looked at how this might hurt us.

Do you think cybersecurity is an important issue? Do our nations need to have better security online? Where do you see the future of cybersecurity going?

Would love to hear your thoughts newsies!
Personally, cyber security is a very important issue and it should not be dealt lightly. However, I also feel like if the government is using it in the right manner, they should have some sort of access to protect citizens. They've claimed that they were able to prevent several terrorist attacks (although I'm not sure if that's true or not). I'm personally all about safety over privacy.
Honestly, I dont think there is a definite answer. I can give ideas but they're just ideas and we as citizens don't really know what happens in closed door. We only know what we are fed and learn.
@nicolejb what privacy abilities are we talking about? Because in the wrong hands it can be used for cyberstalking or bullying.
I agree with that too @loftonc16, that technology is advances so fast we have forgotten to make sure all necissary steps to protect ourselves. and keep advancing in our security.
Totally @shannonl5, I have the same thought when I have to do that information online. same with taxes! it’s so much information about me online. Anita Sarkeesian is a great example, a scary example too. It seems the bad guys have more security then the good guys, so we should be given tools to help us too!
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