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News Community Poll: Cybersecurity
We live in a world where we keep a lot of personal information online. The government can track (to some extent) our online activity, and we fight with other countries when hacking happens.
A lot has happened this week with China and the United States related to cybersecurity. And it all has to do with hacks. But what does this mean?
Last week we had a discussion about gun control, today I’d love to hear your thoughts on cybersecurity. Big thanks to @InPlainSight for the inspiration.

What’s happening

The U.S. has accused China of a lot of hacking attacks. I mean, a lot.
They may even have played a role in the North Korea Sony hack, but this could also be speculation. How does the U.S. know it’s china? Their evidence is: "hackers work business hours in China's time zone, take off the week of Chinese New Year and target intellectual property the Chinese are known to be deficient in."
China says stop blaming us!
China is angry of the accusations. Saying we should work together. The head of China's office of Cyberspace Administration related this issue to a Chinese legend. In the legend two men in a boat face a storm, only after they stop fighting and work together are they able to stabilize the boat. "In today's world, the boat of the Internet carries more than two men, it carries more than the United States and China," Lu said. "It carries several billion people."

Your personal stance on cybersecurity

For Edward Snowden, cyber security was an important issue, and so he made sure the American people knew exactly how they were tracked by their government. John Oliver explained just how bad that was in terms that we, well, can relate to.
But how many times a day to you actually think about this issue? Is it something we should be concerned about in the US? My personal opinion: yes. With hackers developing even technology to hack your car, it’s time we really looked at how this might hurt us.

Do you think cybersecurity is an important issue? Do our nations need to have better security online? Where do you see the future of cybersecurity going?

Would love to hear your thoughts newsies!
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It is isn’t it?! we honestly have no choice sometimes to just put down information and hope that nothing happens to it! @shannonl5.
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I can understand the need for cyber security, especially on the internet. Now a days, people are putting their whole lives on the internet. The government has all their info located where it can be accessed or broken into. The whole world is connected or connecting to each other thru the internet. If this country doesn't want their secrets found out then they shouldn't depend on the internet to 'safely' manage their business. The same goes for individuals. People are putting themselves at risk of being hacked every time they get online. So to me, in a way, there's a price to pay to have all this technology and if there's always going to be those are going to turn it into something ugly. Then the whole government and their invasion of privacy. I don't know what people expected to happen, especially after 9/11. People, mainly U.S. citizens, blindly believe the government. That its a conspiracy dredged up by left wing extremists. In the earlier years before cell phones, particularly now with the smart phones, people's phones were tapped. So yes, I believe cyber security is needed but only to a point that its not invading the individuals privacy. If cyber security came across something that looks suspicious then it should be investigated. People are doing everything online there's days. paying bills, buying clothes, everything to the most depraved things. I read somewhere some guy was selling his 18 month old daughter for sex on Craigslist... who the hell is monitoring that website? Didn't they see this going on? There is a lot of disgusting crap going on that needs to be monitored on the internet. And if the government is invading personal privacy then how the hell are these sickos getting away with this crap. I'm sure the government would say their biggest concern is the country's defense system being hacked. They're throwing money around, might as well throw some into developing cyber security for our country.
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@Matokokepa you bring up a really good point about government monitoring. For decades this has been an issue because some people within the government have thought it was a better use of their time to track people that had done nothing wrong instead of people who were hurting others because of a difference in political beliefs (cointelpro was just the beginning). I understand wanting to feel safe, because I personally am extremely concerned by this issue, but at the same time, I don't feel protected by those that are 'supposed' to be protecting all of us. What happened to 'innocent until proven guilty'? I thought that a right to privacy was only something that could be taken away after a fair trial but for a long time it seems that has not been the case. Then again, how else are we supposed to protect people? There is a department within the FBI that works with Interpol on the cases like the one you've described above. They track the people who facilitate sales like that... I can't imagine having that job. Every once in a while they make a really big bust, but it's usually after months of looking through really horrific things on the internet like you described. They've mentioned that their problem is manpower. The people working those jobs get burned out really fast because it's so traumatizing to see those images every day. That being said, they're not going into people's personal files, they're looking at things that people have been callous enough to post on public chat rooms and websites. They gather evidence there, and then get a warrant to search people's private computers.
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Forreal @shannonl5! I can’t imagine having that job either...and that’s all the crazy stuff that people put publicly. I can’t imagine what happens underneath the crazy web of it all. I wonder if better technology can help combat that issue too. like algorithms to track that awful stuff on the internet @Matokokepa. but that would be some intense government tracking, and less of a user-monitored system (which I’m all about) I think maybe more people need to learn it’s OK to report things on the internet, instead of letting things slide @shannonl5
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@shannonl5 Exactly and very true . I just do what I can to protect myself and I'm always hoping all governments (worldwide ) think of their citizens safety before making life changing and life threatening decision. The ball is ultimately left in their court.
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