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After going through the #1 Rule Challenge started by @katiems, I found that so many members of our community have struggled with bullying and emotional abuse for various reasons (being a Kpop fan is usually the easiest reason to pick on someone though)
I recently came across this spoken word poem that really resonated with me and I wanted to share it here. Though it isn't necessarily Kpop related, it is related to the struggles that members of this fandom have to deal with every day simply for liking a certain style of music.
I wanted to post this as a reminder to keep your head up and to get through it, but also to remember to be kind to others - words are an incredibly powerful thing and you have no idea how long something you say will stay with someone.

I love you guys!

Below are some quotes that really moved me, but please listen to the entire poem at the end of this card!

"Even though she was the orchard that everyone picked on, she was still sweet and loved to be alive."

"Once you see that their earthquakes are coming from your faults, you realize how deep trembles are felt beneath the surface where things are left and forgotten."

"I felt a phrase fall out of my mouth like an atom bomb, without knowing the effects will radiate for years."

"A thought will turn to word as quickly as fuel becomes fire, whether it's for burning down a house or keeping a lover warm."

"The spark of an idea will always match the fuming language we decide to pour out of our mouths."

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dang, I'm speechless
thank you love this is everything that I needed to hear right now
Thank you for this! this is absolutely amazing♡
dang , I love that video . everything I can relate to ...
Awesome. <3