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Lol me and friends having fun doing this
*jackson breaks through the door* jackson: RAPMON THAT MY WOMEN RAP MON: Jackson she likes my Jams RAP MON: Neicy don't you love me. Neicy: sorry my hearts is only for Jackson. Rap Mon: *moves closer to her face* but I have jams. Jackson: Hey Rap Mon get away from my girl. Jackson: *Jackson move neicy out of the way. Move closer and gets in rap Mon face.* didn't I say stay away from my girl. *mandi pushes jacksons face into rapmon* ya'll think the rest lol Neicy: stop it please I don't want rap Mon Jackson. *Neicy starts to.cry Jackson: *moves away from rap Mon.* let's go Neicy don't you ever touch my girl again. RAP MON: *pushes Jackson out of the way and grab Neicy and kiss her passionately.* I love you Neicy don't go to Jackson Okay okay.. *Aimee slams through the door with a broom and stands in between Neicy and RapMon* Neicy: *mind goes blank she.looks at Unni and Jackson and runs out* RAP MON Nd Jackson: *both run* after her
*Oh no no no RapMon! Blocks the door so Jackson can run after neicy* Aimee: no she not your she Jackson why are you trying to break them up. RAPMON: because I love her. She makes me smile. Aimee: but you can't have her. RAP MON: I want her *Aimee look in his eyes and saw tears of love* *Aimee doesn't move a muscle* *Jackson catch up with Neicy and pulls her towards him* Jackson: why are you running? You did nothing wrong. Neicy: *looks in Jackson eyes* I'm starting to fall for him. *Jackson steps back and looks at her* Jackson: why? Neicy: because he have jams.
OMG what happens to Jackson and Neicy does they stay together or break up. do Rap Mon gets on he wants. does he get Neicy? my vinglers tell what should happen for the ending. should jackson Neicy stay or go? should RAP MON and Neicy get together? What y'all think
Rap Monster should leave her and come to me, so we can find therapeutic *cough* ways to help him move on. Obviously, she doesn't want him. This was fun to read.
let her stay with Rap Monster He has Jams!! Also i want Jackson lol 😜😝😍 No but for reals she should stay with Jackson because he is a sweetheart.
I Loveeeeedddddddd this except i replaced my name in there lol. I'm waiting for the next one!
I say Jackson cause I want all the jams RM has xD
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