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I'm not talking about the music, I'm talking about not liking the actual girls!

Is it that we feel territorial? Jealous? What is it?!

I find that we tend to get jealous about girl idols, but doesn't it take two to tango? Don't the guy idols we love also play a part in this? Girl idols aren't crazy mystical creatures that will hypnotize and steal your biases away. They worked hard to get where they are and deserve their place on the stage!

Here are a few examples of girl groups that get bad attention that I personally think isn't deserved:

Girls Generation

Did you know they were actually made as an answer to Super Junior, sort of like how f(x) is the female version of SHINee...
They got a ton of hate in the beginning of their careers and I think a lot of it had to do with the fact that fans were jealous!
Now, they're close to EXO every day (though with their schedules they honestly probably don't see each other that much) and with the Taeyeon/Baekhyun drama its clear that the dating possibilities are all there! But that doesn't mean fans have any right to hate on these poor girls!


Krystal has been labeled a rude and spoiled girl that is way too wrapped up in her good looks. She has pretty much stopped trying to break out of this label now and just tries to be herself as much as she can. Why do people feel threatened by beautiful people? She seems pretty lovely to me when I see her interact with fans!

Red Velvet

There are already dating rumors with Irene and basically everyone hahah PLUS people automatically labeled Seulgi and Joy as rude or as divas. Why?!?!!?

Girl's Day

Sojin has had a dating rumor with nearly every male celebrity - leave her alone! There was Leo from VIXX, then Kyungsoo, basically everyone! These girls are crazy talented and deserve respect because they are some of the best singers in the industry right now!

A Pink

They really didn't have much success until Eunji gained a bunch of fans in her drama Reply 1997.
They had some scandals with Infinite and VIXX because of their TV shows with them, but there was zero reason for the scandals - just more fan jealousy. Even now, they struggle with getting female fans.


Their maknae actually started out waaay in the beginning of Infinite with a show called You Are My Oppa. Jiae was a random young girl that stayed with Infinite for a few weeks and acted like the younger sister they needed to take care of - basically living out every fan girls' dream ever.
Because of this, Infinite fan girls started to call her rude and ungrateful and just a ton of horrible things. Even I felt an immediate dislike towards her just because I really wanted to be in her shoes haha
Now she's in Lovelyz and had to struggle to gain fans, but now she's one of my favorite members!
Basically, I agree that not liking a group because they don't have talent or they prove to be rude to their fans or something is totally valid - but not liking a group simply because of jealousy is totally lame and needs to stop!
Girl power, am I right!?

Can you think of a time when you didn't like a girl group member and then realized you were just being silly?

(I didn't like F(x)'s Krystal when they debuted and I think its all because of jealousy...)
All I know is... I like Amber
I love girl groups absolutely no hate
I only recently got into kpop so I haven't watched any girl groups yet. I think I'll check out some of the ones you mentioned ^^
I know I'm being silly, but when girls from other groups star in my boy groups music videos, or just any girl in general I get really jealous.... But I only get jealous because they are really pretty and I wish I was as pretty as them.
Haha I honestly am not one of these people. I may be a girl, but honestly I love girl groups! -I wonder if it's because I'm bisexual and makes me love them more than other people would-
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