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Okay, as you all know -- William Levy is like my husband (but he totally doesn't know that, but that's not the point). The other day I watched the movie on Netflix called Addicted starring the gorgeous Sharon Leal and WIlliam Levy. It was my first time ever watching it and it was steamy. I am not going to give too much information on the movie because I don't want to spoil it. But, if you want to watch William Levy being sexy, watch the movie! And let's just say that when he spoke in his thick Cuban accent, I was like...
If you never heard of William Levy (how is that even possible!? he's the most perfect being in the whole world!) here's some of the places he has appeared!

Levy was in Jennifer Lopez' music video called "I'm Into You." Yes, Levy was the hot guy in the video. Que ricooo.

You can check out the music video here.

I might just be really jealous of Jennifer Lopez right now...

He was the ultimate charmer in 'Addicted.' God, he was the dream -- an artist, a sensitive guy, a charmer. He even drew Sharon Leal's character when she was nude (Titanic much!?)

I mean -- there were some weird things that happened at the end of the movie. But how about we ignore that part! ;-)

William Levy also appeared in Tyler Perry's The Single Moms' Club. He was the hot in the movie, obviously.

I just want to hear him speak..

Yes, run to me!

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If you wanna laugh, MIRA AQUI!
Adding that to my cue RN.
You seriously need to watch "Addicted" ...he's all up in that movie ..he's so beautiful! @danidee
I loved the Single Moms Club. That was one of the movies I watched on my Netflix this summer. He's got good stubble, girl.
YES he is so beautiful i can't even take it.. @nicolejb
Ugh yeh you are so right. he is perfect. You should make this a trend! we could all do online shrines for our favorite hotties!