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The weekend is here!!! YES!!

This is the first weekend in a while that I feel like I really need. A chance to let loose, relax, chill, get enough sleep, pursue my hobbies a little... I just need some me time. :)
So to celebrate, let's enjoy these delicious, mouthwatering, downright sexy GIFs of my favorite dessert in the entire world... CHOCOLATE. :D
I dedicate this to the amazing @wllmvns !!! Sorry I missed your chocolate card last week, but everyone should go and check it out right now more even more chocolatey goodness ;) click here!
So beautiful. I just want to stick my finger in there and lick it. (did that sounds weirdly dirty to anyone else, too?)
Sooo beautifulllll O.O
Yum. Yes please.
Okay this one is just weirdly mesmerizing. Does anyone actually make hot chocolate this way? Because that is soooo decadent.
Ungh. If you've never chopped chocolate with a knife like this, I highly recommend it. DO that next time you make chocolate chip cookies instead of using pre-packaged chips ;) it's a very visceral experience! (am I just way into chocolate? hmmm)
(Yep, I'm definitely way too into chocolate.)
This looks like basically the ideal dessert. Chocolate chip cookie skillet, maybe? Anybody know what it is??
Yep. Just... just put that on my plate. Thanks.
Do we really have to put that in a pie crust? Causeee I would eat that as is.
And get ready for the chocolate motherlode...

Have an awesome weekend, everyone!! :D

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@wllmvns aww yay!! :D thank you so much!!! I think we've officially renamed Friday chocolate day XD
I just love chocolate so much!
chocolate is my life!!
@TessStevens @TerrecaRiley YESSS. I feel you ladies!!! I always feel so bad for people who don't like chocolate... it's like they're missing out on life's greatest joy :,,,(
@AshleyKramer are you a chocolate fan too?? :D