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We all know that Starbucks has one of the weakest name games in the world.

But the weak name game tends to happen a lot in sports as well. Here are some of the most unfortunate names in the world of sports.

1. Yoshi Takeshita

2. Dick Felt

3. Destinee Hooker

4. Rusty Kuntz

5. Kim Yoo Suk

6. Ivana Mandic

7. Gaylord Silly

8. Dong Dong

9. DeWanna Bonner

10. Dick Paradise's very unfortunate.

So Vinglers, who do you think has the most unfortunate name in sports?

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@jokes I know exactly...I wonder what they thought after their son Dick Paradise became a professional hockey player!
I don't think their parents realized the names they have chosen, but now that their kids are famous, I'm sure they are kicking themselves. Or laughing lol.
@karencorchado That would be terrible if they're laughing at thier own kids' misery...
Dude, look at Dick Paradise's face. He KNOWS his name is Dick Paradise every second of the damned day and he is proud of it.
@danidee HAHAHA He is one proud Dick!