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Who is the better dancer? Lay, Kai, or Sehun?
watch all the vids before deciding.
Lay's solo dance from The Lost Planet.
Kai's solo dance from SMTOWN WEEK.
Sehun's solo dance from EXO'LUXION
tell me in the comments and i will make a card on their dancing skills if you think there are more who need.a competion let me knoe and ill make them a card
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they all have different styles so comparing is a bit difficult. also to say kai is the best in kpop is pretty biased. there are better dancers than kai but kai is no doubt a great dancer. if I had to choose one out of these clips id say sehun even though I love lay.
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All are good, but I'm bias SO Lay! Keke!
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my husband yixing the laynicorn
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I really can't decide they all had their own concept and they were all perfect in their own concepts I think all 3 of them are superb dancers but I must say I only knew kai as a dancing machine of exo bcs he is extremely popular for his dancing skills but after watching these videos I can surely say lay and sehun are superb dancers too 馃槏馃槏馃槡馃槡馃槡
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