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RULE #1 Challenge:
1: Make a card about something you've been struggling with or something that has stood in the way of your happiness before, is there something in Kpop that inspired you or has helped you through this? Share your story!
2: Comment on fellow Kpop Vingle fams story, give some advice and then relate their story to a Kpop song or idol it reminds you of!
I'm a shy person in public. I can't make simple conversation unless it's about something I'm into i.e. (Kpop, Asian culture, art, and music.) Until I'm comfortable in my surroundings only then do I open up.
A couple of years ago I lost my grandfather. It affected me more than I thought it would even though I knew it was going to happen, I was just thinking I would have a couple more years before then.
I didn't get to spend a lot of time with my grandfather so when I did I cherished every moment I had. I still can't watch the movie "Water for Elephants" or listen to Hank Williams unless I want to have an crying fit because they remind me so much of my grandfather.
I knew I was very sad and needed something to cheer me up.
I ran across Kpop, Jpop, Jrock, and their dramas. My first Kpop song was "Spy by Super Junior, and followed by Rokkugo" I fell in love with Rokkugo it is a daily routine for me to listen to it at least once. Because no matter my mood I listen to it and I'm better.
When I started watching the comedies and dramas I found myself laughing a lot more and being happy. My first drama was Panda and Hedgehog which stared Super Junior's Lee Donghae and it was so cute that I became addicted to watching more dramas.
I would say that because of Kpop I am able to pass every anniversary of my grandfather's passing with a less painful and emotional cry. I still get sad but not as bad, I wouldn't eat for awhile so it was rough. I'm very grateful for finding Kpop I love it....