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I am an avid user of Snapchat. When I realized my system was out of date and incompatible with the newest version of snapchat, I deleted all these other apps and updated my phone just to keep my newest version-snapchat. Am I addicted? More than likely. Even though I don't really even use it that much, just the thought of it being on my phone comforts me.
Imagine my surprise, on one of the few occasions I remember to open the app, when I see an entire Snapchat live feed dedicated to the Hajj. It was interesting, to say the least, seeing all these snaps with Arabic captions and oceans of people in white. I'd say it was a pretty educational experience. (Who would've thought... Snapchat?)
Anyway, while watching these snaps, I realized, like, all of these snaps were by men. I did see one snap with 2 women in there, but even then, they tried to keep themselves out of the camera as much as they can, and of course, they were covered in traditional wear. Not trying to get all political or human-rights or anything, I just thought it was interesting (more power to the girls who choose to live this lifestyle and don't write something about it unless it's to agree with me because I will shut. you. down. please).
Of course, there may be things I'm missing, because I only saw the snaps from the second day of the Hajj, so there may have been more female posts I didn't see. (I also don't read Arabic, so that also limits some of my comprehension). By the way, I am also aware of the stampede that happened that killed like 700 people. However, this post is not for that event. It was a horrible thing to happen to these devout people from all over the world gathering together for a single, pure purpose of paying respects to their God, but no. I am here to just talk about Snapchat and this phenomenon of people Snapchatting their holy journey to Mecca and the implications of this. Idk. I thought wow, what a wonderful world.
Disclaimer: I am not Muslim or in any way affiliated with the Islamic faith, so if I somehow offended you, I am sorry. Please do inform me if I do, so that I can be more careful in the future though.
Wow this is really interesting! I love the events that Snapchat does, it feels like a really intimate way to connect with experiences I'll never share. Malcolm X wrote a little bit about his experience when he visited Mecca and at the time it was a really rare thing to hear about, especially since he converted later in life. It's great that we've reached a point where we can share like this
wow! thanks for sharing this! I’m also a fan of snapchat and find it really interesting the events they are picking to showcase. in the past it’s been football games or concerts, but this is amazingly out of the norm. it’s interesting to hear about your perspective coming from a western culture, it really give you perspective, huh?
@nicolejb yeah! They've done a few holidays in the past but nothing like this. I think it's really cool!
Did you see about the Hajj stampede in the news? more than 700 people were killed :(
@nicolejb @melifluosmelodi I did! A friend of mine works with a bunch of people who were there. It's so upsetting. Fortunately everyone she knew was safe but it's so tragic what happened