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[Mixed Media art by Peter Doherty]
@InPlainSight made an awesome card challenging us to create a "Modern Mixtape".
I've been thinking about this for a while, and since I love so many songs and artists, it's proven to be a real challenge.
The mixtape goes way back in music history as one of the most personal ways to show what music really speaks to you. People have given each other music recommendations since the dawn of time, and for good reason. It's a sharing of ideas, a mixing of expressions. I remember giving mix CD's to my friends in middle school . Now we exchange playlists and Youtube videos. It's the same principal, we all want to share our tastes and enlighten others to the power of music and an expression of love, sure.
Here's my Modern Mixtape, a little rock and roll, a little glam and a whole lot of raw truth. Music is the bedrock of my personality, and I love sharing it with you all on Vingle! Please participate @alywoah @paulisaverage @vinmccarthy @terrecariley @butterflyblu and anyone else who loves music!
I love music with a little bit of mood. This song is heartbreaking and confessional, and that's why it's first on the mixtape.

You're My Waterloo by The Libertines

It's a new track from their recent album Anthems for Doomed Youth and it's hauntingly beautiful. I prefer the live version too because it has that much more passion.
To pick up the pace and really switch things up...let's go with:

Someday by The Strokes.

This is a band that has a song for every mood. The beat of this song can get anyone dancing. Someday is a hopeful tune about remembering the past and looking toward the future, whether love is involved or not.
Continuing with the rock and roll we should play

Stray Heart by Green Day

A totally fun ode to love that should never have happened or could never be. It's kind of sad, but the up-beat rockabilly movement of the song enables a happier mood.
If we should never meet, or it doesn't work out, at least we tried right?
After all that doubt we need a track to spice things back up...So let's use:

Glamorous Indie Rock and Roll by The Killers

This is a story song centered on a tragically hip pair of lovers who prize everything indie and cool. I don't know, could be an idealistic version of a relationship, although I prefer the more chaotic ones.
Now back to earth with another Doherty penned ballad:

Love You But You're Green by Babyshambles

This is one of those heartbreaking love songs that offers honesty rather than reverie. It's about an imaginary love story, which...I pretty much have with the singer. No punches pulled. It's beautiful and my fake rock-and-roll husband sings it. Swoon. Anyway, back to the mixtape...
The next song has to be a rollicking I choose...

Lover's Rock by The Clash

This song has movement and I really like the beat. It marries together that punk and reggae vibe that The Clash pioneered. It's a swinging song that straddles the line between romantic and totally absurd, which is why I love it so much.
It gives all of this love stuff a light-hearted make-over.

Slowing back down is one of my favorite songs of all time, "For Lovers" by Peter Doherty and Wolfman.

It's heartbreaking and romantic at the same time, something that only Peter Doherty can achieve. Listen to it a few times and you'll know what I mean. There is a distinct sadness. Every relationship has to end.
To round out the mix-tape, we have to choose the most heart wrenching song on the list. After all, we're trying to win somebody over here right? The only way is with absolute honesty, and that honesty comes from:

Here Comes A Regular by The Replacements

This band has some of the most well written songs of all time under their thumb, and this one is definitely one of them. It's a lonely ballad.
You can picture a sad man at a bar, drinking alone on a Friday night, and maybe throughout the song someone..maybe like me sits next to him and asks quick "cheers."
And the mixtape ends, running out into oblivion. Back into reality.

What would you put on your mixtape? Any musicians want to take a stab at this challenge?

I can't believe no one republic..shameful just sayin
ohhh the Clash. you are one rocking chick @TessStevens :)
I WONT BACK DOWN hahahahah
so much Pete Doherty
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