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This might be a polarizing topic (or it might not be). 99.99% of all the outfits that I share for weddings comes in the form of a skirt for the ladies and pants for the men. Then I got to thinking, why is that?!
You all know how forward I am about my views on what the mothers should and should not wear to the wedding. So I am going to take this opportunity to say that YES, LADIES, YOU CAN WEAR PANTS TO THE WEDDING! ABSOLUTELY!
Some of you may agree. Some may disagree. I definitely want to hear from both sides!
From the Carven Fall/Winter 2015 Collection, these RTW pant ensembles are so stunning and sharp, you could honestly wear any of these and wind up among the best dressed at the wedding.

To pull pants off, keep four things in mind:

1. Hem length and waist length (right now it's low hems and high waists).
2. Shoes. Shoes. Shoes. (think Stuart Weitzman).
3. The blouse. This one can be tricky. But think comfort, chic and Chanel.
4. Clutter-free accessories. No, that's NOT and oxymoron.
TIP: If you have to ask everyone in sight whether or not you should wear pants or not, my advice is DON'T.
Wearing pants to the wedding is for the woman that doesn't have to ask. She's got an air of confidence that makes the very question obsolete. If you're not feeling this look, let me know.
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I am all about wearing pants to weddings. I mean, I haven't done it yet -- but I definitely have wanted to.
Do it! Just stay away from the 'pant suit' deal!! Tuxedo pants, Jimmy Choos and a brocade Etro blouse would look stunning! @alywoah