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1. When you're in charge...

You know who you are. They know who you are. You've got the power and you're surrounded by your typical commoner. They are just not as royally fit to rule anything from a group project to an entire country. They don't believe that Beyoncé is American Royalty and it's almost as appalling as the moment you realized that your peers felt like there was someone else who would be a better fit for the position of Meme Queen.

2. Facing utter disappointment....

Yeah, England was super chill back in the day. Now you've got all of these weird commonwealths that are super friendly to the world but there's nothing too cool about them. Obviously Canada and Australia are fan favorites. But at the end of the day, you've lost the United States and all you can think about is how awesome it would have been to make Scott Disick an official lord, Kim Kardashian the princess of American and Kanye her royal God.

3. When you're correcting someone ignorant....

Um, excuse me, do you know who you're talking to? It's THE Queen of England. HELLO?! Ring a bell. Yes I thought so. You could at least curtsy, I don't have all day for these commoner folks. If I raise my eyebrows and slightly smile, they still believe that I'm being friendly and in good spirits. Too bad their assumptions are wrong.

5. When people are trying to dethrone you...

At the end of the day, you're still the Queen of England. You're the most powerful royal in the world and you have the most lovely collection of pastel hats and modest women's suits. You do lots of smiling while graciously wearing pearls. And you don't really care if anyone doesn't like you because as far as the media knows, everyone loves the Queen in England. And the Americans? They're obsessed.

5. Now this is what I call confidence...

Calling a Hunger Games type event to take place if anyone wants to cross me. If you can't win them over with your glowing personality, you can always behead them. Bringing that whole medieval vibe back to the forefront of "never happening scenarios".

6. Feelin' yourself...

I got my broach, pearls, red coat, rouge, a red hat, and glasses that are too fly. Just because you're old doesn't mean that you can't work your look.

7. When you need a bar of gold just to get by...

Even Royalty needs a few extra bucks for those late night Starbucks runs. You wonder why Americans buy so much coffee when tea is the most proper choice, obviously. You have vaults full of gold but in reality, you're hoping you can find a good paper weight. But some days you just want to take one, partly to flaunt it, and partly to guarantee that your new iPhone 6 will arrive well before the general public gets their hands on one.

8. But then you remember you're the Queen of England...

Smile and wave to your HATERS.
The queen's definitely a badass haha. These memes are great!
I like that that’s a word. and I think that perfectly describes the queen @goyo. badass sassiness = Bassiness?
@nicolejb yea I saw that that day lol she put that security guy in his place but she never broke her smile... True badass sassiness (is that word? Lol)
@nicolejb actually it was more of the face she has in #3 lol now I need to revisit what she thought of me...
Has she come out with a book? I feel like she's one of those people who needs to write their own memoir.
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