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When your schedule is packed, your day is tiring, and it feels like you'll NEVER have time to properly work out, have no fear.

If you have a mere 6 minutes (that's like 5 minutes plus ONE more – SO LITTLE TIME!), you can totally bust out a quick set of this easy workout. And, once you learn the basic moves, it can be adapted to any length of time. It's up to you!
If you're just starting out, or short on time, try the 6 minute version: just do one 30-second set of each of the exercises below! You can warm up and cool down with a minute or so of marching in place if you like.

Calf Raises

These will strengthen and tone your lower legs.

Chair Dips

If you've got a chair, then you're ready to do this exercise!


Using your own body weight alone, you can strengthen your legs, glutes, and core. Just be sure to use proper form!


Another staple body weight exercise that's sure to have you seeing results, FAST. Be careful with the form here too – doing it right will ensure maximum body benefits!


This is truly a full body exercise. Burpees are a classic fat-burner that will get your heart rate way up. Feel the burn!! The video above shows a few variations you can try to make it a little easier if you're a fitness newcomer, so don't be afraid to start small and work your way up.


Planks are the best way to end a workout. Use all that final energy and put it into this proven belly fat burner, and one of the best exercises for a flat stomach (pro-tip: way better than crunches). Check out the video above to make sure your form is perfect!
Hard Version: If you want an even better workout, try doing 2-3 sets of these exercises in sequence, pushing through with max intensity, then taking a 2 minute cool-down break by simply walking in place.

You can do it, guys – with this workout, you really CAN find time to exercise! So get your sweat on this weekend :)