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It's that time again!

Yup! Time for another fun game of Marry, Boink, or Kill. It's been a really long time since we've played this game (don't we have so much fun though?)

Did you forget how to play already?

That's ok!

The rules are really easy! Here's how it works:
Pick three characters Comment to decide who you'd marry, who you'd boink, and who you'd kill GO WILD!!!
That's it Vinglers! I made it really easy for you and picked our three characters! They are: Red Skull, The Joker, and John Dillinger (yes, I know that last one was real). So... who do you think you'll pick?

Red Skull

He's got some nasty friends, but maybe something's changed in 70 years?

The Joker

Judging from Harley Quinn, he probably doesn't treat those close to him well. But he's got a sense of humor at least?

John Dillinger

Robs banks for a living.. he's probably not very reliable but he probably always had cash on him?

Let's have fun with this one!

No answer is too weird, trust me.
I know it's out of line but I'd boink and marry The Hulk and deal with the others later lol :D
@shannonl5 Hmm are we talking only hulk or does Bruce come out too?
Marry red skull, Boink the Joker and kill John
@shannonl5 make him sweat that paint off lol
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